Fire Certification and Firewall Upgrades

Versatile Interior Projects can help with meeting new Fire certification standards for, smoke and firewall upgrades and reduce difficulty in maintaining regulations.


Most commercial buildings demand the use of products that meet certain fire resistant requirements to help ensure the safety of people within and around the building.

Wall lining fire systems are rated according to how long they withstand fire test conditions for a certain period of time. This time is known as the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) and consists of three criteria which are each given an individual rating time as specified by AS 1530.4:

  • Structural Adequacy – ability to maintain stability and adequate load bearing capacity
  • Integrity – ability to resist the passage of hot flames and gases
  • Insulation – ability to maintain a temperature over the whole surface. 

Resisting fire

Versatile Interior Projects uses products from Knauf which has various wall and ceiling systems that can meet the criteria of AS 1530.4, with different ratings achievable depending on the project and building requirements. The systems require the use of specialist products which are either naturally fire resistant or specially formulated with additives that improve the natural fire resisting properties.